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"Roger is so good, in fact, that we invited him back to do a full-day workshop and two additional dinner keynote sessions in February 2020. If your organization is even the least bit interested in learning about team engagement and leadership, I highly recommend Roger Haskett to speak at your next event. I believe he is one of the very best in the industry.”

Jeff Kissinger
Western Michigan PMI

"Roger Haskett, from one SITE member to another:  you are amazing!   I always love your energetic personality with sometimes quirky views that make me think or have an AHA moment.  Yes, I agree, people should hire you!"

Cokkie Eaker
Next Generation Incentives

What do CLIENTS think???

Roger Haskett: Engagement Expert (B.F.A. Acting, B.A History, M.A Education)
ON STAGE: Roger is an award-winning keynote speaker, facilitator, emcee & entertainer. (Please check out the videos below of Roger in action)
OFF STAGE: Roger works to drive engagement, internal power & culture change deep into companies and organizations.

In short - Roger helps people & organizations benefit from creating engagement & internal power in their work & personal lives.

Roger helps you, your teams & your organization become bigger, better, & more powerful. He demonstrates how a 1% increase in engagement can have HUGE results on your bottom line, your peace of mind & workplace wellness.

HOW ROGER DOES IT: Through a range of customizable and awesomely engaging keynotes & workshops across the globe that have won him awards like:
•“Program of the Year” for Meeting Planners International or
•"Changemaker of the Year" from MeetingsNet or
•"Rising Star" from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers...

The type of feedback Roger typically receives:
•“Best session I’ve ever attended, ever!
•“Within 10 seconds I sat up & was thinking: 'Wow, this is going to be different!'
•“It felt like I had just sat down and suddenly it was finishing. I was captivated.”
•“I took 3 pages of notes… & I never take notes!

Some of the niches Roger works in:
•Opening/Closing keynote for conferences
•Leaders: CEO, C-Suite, managers, parents…
•Corporate (Workshops and Keynotes)
•Education: staff & students
•CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
•Associations, Non-Profits and Charities

Roger supports others by:
•Leadership/Volunteering for Industry Associations e.g. SITE, ILEA, MPI, PCMA, CAPS
•In Education - by offering significant reductions
•For underfunded daycares and preschools - through our CSR give-back options like Mudpie Kitchens for Kids and our Buddy Benches
•Non-profits and charities – through price reductions

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN ME: On over 2000 stages & meeting spaces around the world. My work has been published in top industry publications like Event Manager Blog, MeetingsNet, People Talk, & Convene. I’m the author of “The ME you WANT TO BE

You’ve also seen me on television and at the movies. For 25 years, I’ve appeared in over 150 commercials, TV shows, & films like Wayward Pines, I Robot, X-Files, Supernatural & Stargate.

READY TO TALK about how we can help you & your teams/organization?  Call 604.649.4867.

Keynotes & Workshops


This session looks at what engagement is, why we want it, and how to CREATE engagement. This session walks the talk: it not only discusses engagement but also demonstrates how to create it at work and in your life.

Engagement can be measured and the results are staggering.
Data from Gallup, Harvard, Global Trends in Engagement etc, is showing us how a little focus on engagement can turbocharge bottomline results, whether those results are increased productivity, increased profit, better communication, stronger team bonds, better learning and retention etc…

Engagement is the secret sauce that makes your work and life magic.

Participants will walk away with tangible tools that will inspire them to be more productive, creative, and successful in their work and life.

Pressure Cooker Confidence: Leadership 

I’ve spent my life walking into stressful rooms where I wanted to do magnificent things but I found it hard to do normal things, like breathe. Have you had that experience? This session examines how to go from "I can’t breathe” to “I’m regularly doing magnificent things.”

Using techniques honed from decades of acting, combined with new science about how to best be human and a dash of current engagement strategies, Pressure Cooker Confidence, explores how to create internal power in moments where humans typically feel powerless. Learning to create internal power has massive benefits for the individual. It also creates benefits in the organizations where these individuals work.

We focus on creating your own personal list of rules to guide better behavior and motivate transformation in your life and at work.

The Power & Purpose of Play

I’m on a mission to take play out of the gutter and put it into the
spotlight, into the limelight where it belongs. While we say that we honor play, the proof is in our actions. And when important things need to be discussed and decided, play is sent outside with all his little play buddies while the adults stay inside to do the important work. That attitude needs to be turned on its head and this session does exactly that.

Learn how central to human existence play is. Learn what happens to humans when we discard play. Learn how to turn your desires into potent transformation using playfulness as a guide. And do all that while playing to learn about play... which is truly the best way to learn for humans.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” - Diane Ackerman

After this surprisingly profound session, people often come up to me with tears in their eyes as they talk about their conflicted relationship to play and how they now will act differently with their children, their spouse and/or their colleagues. Play is transformative. Play is revolutionary. And this revolutionary, transformative power is waiting for you, your family, your friends, your teams, your organization...

More Keynotes!

Being Human in the Virtual World

The pandemic has changed how we interact. Engagement has become more important than ever but it’s harder than ever to engage in a virtual/online/remote work world. 

This session explores how to be better humans in this online world. This session is upbeat, fun, funny and engaging. It leaves participants full of ideas and the positive energy to turn these ideas into reality in their lives.


  1. How to be BETTER HUMANS in this world (for ourselves and others)
  2. How to CREATE ENGAGEMENT POWER and why this is so valuable
  3. It's hard to engage when stuck in negative so we will explore how to FIGHT TO BE POSITIVE
  4. When all else fails, HELP YOURSELF BY HELPING OTHERS

How to Create Engagement in the Virtual World

Data from Gallup, Harvard, Global Trends in Engagement etc, is showing us how a little focus on engagement can turbocharge bottom-line results like increased productivity & profit, better communication, stronger team bonds, deeper learning, retention etc…

The Virtual Engagement Conundrum: Engagement is more important than ever in a virtual world… but it’s harder than ever! 

Wouldn’t it be better to find ways to be more present in online meetings and to create in others this engaged presence? This session explores ways to create engagement, both virtual and live, that will benefit your work, your teams, your organization and also your family, your friends and loved ones.

Engagement is a superpower and spending time learning how to create it offers value that just keeps on giving. Overcoming zoom fatigue is important both for your own engagement and those you interact with (customers, stakeholders, partners…).


  1. Active participation is the foundation of engagement. Learn how to create active participation (both virtual and live) in your teams, clients, customers, and staff.
  2. Fight to be Positive: Turn negative to positive with engagement.
  3. Learn how to monitor your own engagement, and importantly, how to make it contagious so that others are drawn into engagement.

Magnetic Communication for Networking... & Beyond

Networking can fill our hearts with dread. I invent new ways of sweating when it comes to networking situations and I don’t think I’m the only one!

Wouldn’t it be way better if you could magnetize people to you? So that when you walk into a room without any colleagues or friends present, you are still able to have the best time and thus attract others to you? This is why I wrote this session. I have taken all the good and bad experiences I have collected over 25 years of being paid to create engagement within groups of strangers and summarized them in this talk.

Creating magnetic communication usually means changing the way you think about these situations. And then creating rules or guidelines to help you stay on track.

This session outlines Roger’s Rules for creating magnetic communication which leads to magnetic engagement which leads to you being far happier and more effective when connecting with others in these situations. Which makes networking and communication much more valuable for you and your organization.

Case Study

The Company

Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) makes possible the connection between motivational experiences and business results. It is the only global organization dedicated to linking professionals in the travel and motivational events industry with the business leaders who seek improved performance through these experiences.

The Challenges

Talking with people from an industry (incentive meetings) devastated by Covid… finding a way to digitally create upbeat, positive energy and connection even while our ability to create conversations is vastly curtailed by current technology.

The Results

Gabrielle Spanton

SITE Canada President and Managing Partner GAB&CO Consultants

"The pleasure of seeing Roger Haskett at the SITE global conference on stage, and he was so dynamic. We just loved his cartwheels. We love the way he, for three days, he was able to engage the audience and create a level of excitement that you don't often see in an emcee. And we also love the way that he pulled it all together after each speaker and give us thoughts to ponder on and think about later. And then surprisingly, we were all hit with something in our industry that took us all for a bit of surprise.
"And so many companies had to change the way that they were doing business. Roger, what he's done for a SITE Canada is remarkable. He's in a very short period of time, changed the way he's able to present and bring us really great digital virtual content.

"And what is most impressive is that energy that he's able to portray on stage translates in the virtual environment and bonds everybody together.
"He's quite remarkable. If you haven't checked him out, I highly recommend that you do. A dynamic speaker."