I'm  Roger Haskett

I am an award-winning, electrifying, keynote speaker, author of ‘the ME you WANT TO BE,’ President of Engagement Unlimited and an actor in over 150 TV shows, movies and commercials.

As a keynote speaker, I believe in active participation, interactive engagement and increasing the power of the people in the group.

What makes me so valuable to you in a Digital World?

  • My digital experience - I’ve acted in over 150 TV shows, films and commercials
  • My stage presence - over 2000 on stage emcee, keynote, facilitator and actor gigs
  • My writing/captivating storytelling - over 3000 massively successful shows written and performed - check out our testimonials to see what I mean by ‘massively successful’
  • Communication - from acting, writing, teaching, and leading for 30 years
  • Engagement expertise (28 years creating and running an engagement company).

The need for engagement has never been stronger.
Team engagement, internal power, communication and play are
Engagement Unlimited has expanded to embrace our
new reality with virtual/digital engagement solutions.

Digital + Live + Hybrid

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Check out our services below. Our goal is to help individuals, teams, and organizations increase their engagement with our revolutionary, powerful, and 
customized Digital + Live + Hybrid services.

“Hi Roger, it was great ‘seeing’ you online! Your dynamic in-person energy translates so well online. You are going to thrive in this space! Thank you for the great session.”

Jennifer Kingen Kush
Digital Event Strategist

“Thank you Roger for sharing these helpful suggestions. Thank you for sharing the reality of what this situation means for many of us and how we can help ourselves and our teams, families and friends find a way to get to the other side.”

Kristine Ford
CIP Director

"Here to Help You Engage: Digital + Live + Hybrid"

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