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One of the things we regularly get asked to do is facilitation. One day, multiple days, workshops. Often it's our content and schedule, other times it's the client's content and schedule. Either way we bring some interesting and innovative energy and ideas to these events.

We start with Roger's Rules of Engagement that outlines for the participants how to act to best achieve results.

Rules like: 

  • Misery is Optional
  • Step Up/Step Back
  • Movement is necessary
  • and the more fun YOU have the more fun THEY have

We create power in the room by empowering your participants. We create a 'hive mind' using the wisdom of crowds to lock in learning.

We work through your challenges using our engagement systems and tools for maximum results. 

And running through it all is:







We usually work with clients multiple times as facilitators. Because they come back:

  1. For more engagement energy.
  2. For more playful power.
  3. For more outstanding results.

“We couldn’t of picked a more perfect way to create bonding and open communication channels between team members!"   

“Thank you for all the incredible insight you added to #EventProof, Roger Haskett! Your perspective and ideas on #engagement got everyone's creative gears turning.”

"Roger you were a kinetic ball of energy, and kept me engaged throughout the whole conference."
Brian Oliver, Director of Sales at the Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

“The Facilitation was fantastic; it was just what our group needed after three long years of not being able to get together."

"Each employee was engaged, even those that were a bit apprehensive. Everything was kept lighthearted and fun, and the 1.5 hrs passed in no time!"
Sandra Grondin
Administration, MSP Teambuilding

“Thanks again for all of your help so far and I’m excited to see where this takes me!”

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"Roger is so good, in fact, that we invited him back to do a full-day workshop and two additional dinner keynote sessions in February 2020. If your organization is even the least bit interested in learning about team engagement and leadership, I highly recommend Roger Haskett to speak at your next event. I believe he is one of the very best in the industry.”

Jeff Kissinger
Western Michigan PMI

"Roger Haskett, from one SITE member to another:  you are amazing!   I always love your energetic personality with sometimes quirky views that make me think or have an AHA moment.  Yes, I agree, people should hire you!"

Cokkie Eaker
Next Generation Incentives

"Here to Help You Engage: Digital + Live + Hybrid"

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