Engagement Maximizer -- Customized engagement packages that MULTIPLY and MAGNIFY the engagement experience!!

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Engagement Maximizer 

The Engagement Maximizer is a customized program (for your unique situation) of engaging techniques designed to multiply and magnify, creating high impact and long-lasting results. Your organization will lock-in-learning to create a culture of engagement.

Some of the engagement strategies available are...





Video Courses

Team Building

Engagement in a Box


Case Study 1

The Company

Event Management

The Challenges

1st Virtual conference.

The Results

Harvard Business Review, Gallup and other leading organizations have discovered that a 1% increase in employee engagement
 can lead up to a 9% increase in revenue.
Time to use this secret power in your life to improve your bottom line and peace of mine.


We work closely with a number of corporate clients year-round to help them develop and measure an engagement roadmap for success.  We have a suite of services to fit your needs and help make employees happier, more productive, and improve the bottom line.


  • We meet with you to discuss your unique strengths, challenges, and organizational structure
  • We create a Engagement Maximizer Strategy Plan that's right for you with measurable steps along the way
  • Throughout the program, we continually evaluate what's working and what isn't, to fine tune a plan that continuously gives results
  • You feel safe knowing that a happier, healthier, more profitable workplace is on the horizon

"Here to Help You Engage: Digital + Live + Hybrid"

Call or email to discuss how Engagement Unlimited can customize an Engagement Maximizer for you and your organization.

Case Study 2

The Company

Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, is the largest voluntary professional membership association of financial advisors in Canada, representing more than 13,000 members and 40 Chapters across the country.

The Challenges

How to overcome the stress that the volunteers are exhibiting that’s built up during COVID-19, in addition to the extra workload and reduced ability to meet directly with clients.

The goal of the regional meetings is to focus on getting volunteers engaged, getting them to understand WHY they are volunteers, and giving them tools to move forward in a positive and more optimistic manner.

The Results

Heather MacDonnell

Senior Manager, Chapter Relations

"The regionals went well! There were good discussions, around both the videos and also chapter sharing. Overall the Regional Leaders were really pleased with the engagement from our volunteers, and based on the polling we did in the sessions, we believe most left the sessions feeling more positive and optimistic.
"Thanks again! It was a lot of prep work for sure for those workshops and we really appreciate all your help!!

It was so great to hear the conversations that took place around engagement and I think it was a great foundation that we can continue to build from."

“Thank you Roger for all you have done to keep our SITE Canada and Global members engaged and motivated to move forward during these difficult days!"

Gabby Spanton
Site Canada President

“When I first watched Roger's keynote, he created so much joy and happiness in one room from his enthusiasm and pure positivity. He is one of the speakers that contributed to the inspiration behind @thejoytribeco. He showed me what could happen when you bring people together, to share positive experiences and empower them to see things differently."

Erin Poredos
The Joy Tribe Co