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"Loved every minute of Buddy Benches when I did this in BC!"

— Sabira Kassam, Amazon 2024

""Your Murder U (we had 137 people) was huge success and so many people enjoyed that they could mingle or get involved. Your actors were so great as well.
We have 
rebooked our Christmas party for next year. Thanks!

 Krista Christiuk, Marketing Manager, WestGen Group of Companies 2023

Engagement Unlimited has done 6 events for Visier in 2 years! ⬇️

"The magician was a huge hit - Both the kids and the adults really enjoyed him and they were all raving about him afterwards amongst the group. Thank you again for such an entertaining afternoon and making it super enjoyable for everyone who attended"

Kelly Phillipson, Visier 2023

"Roger combines a mega-genius mind with suburb acting skills and delivers a practical, powerful message to his audience."

Terry Brock
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

“The world is lucky that a talented actor named Roger Haskett has stepped off the stage and into the meeting world. His energy and passion light up a room. At a recent national conference I attended, he was by far the best speaker. I was amazed by his fun sense of humor and — most important — how much I learned from him. I implemented his tips immediately and saw noticeable improvement in my business.”

Dave Lieber
Dallas Morning News Columnist