The Power of PLAY

Getting to Know You

  1. Please start with CONNECTION… a quick intro of everyone on your team: i.e. each person say their Connection Holy Trinity:
    • Name
    • Where you are from
    • What you do
    • AS WELL AS what you do in a day to keep your soul whole 😊 (see image!) You have 5 min tops for whole team introductions!!!

2. Remember your breakout room #. So if you leave the platform, you can let us know which room you belong to.

3. No googling allowed for any information! Use your team’s combined brain power to solve all questions.

4.When in Breakout Rooms, if you need to talk to the host/tech, have 1 person LEAVE the room to talk with us. Click on ‘Leave Breakout Room’ NOT on ‘Leave meeting”. Please REMEMBER your breakout room #!!!

Identify the game by the pieces pictured.

Limitless Learning (Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank)

1. Which famous philosopher said “you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” ?

A. Aristotle
B. Plato
C. Socrates
D. Snoopy

2. Brian Sutton Smith (Play theorist) says that “The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s ___________.

3. Which of the following is a benefit of play:

A.   Organizing new information
B.   Retaining new information longer
C.   Retrieving new information faster later on
D.   Making and sustaining neural connections
E.   Thinking more quickly and creatively
F.   Becoming more skilled at complex analysis and problem solving
G.   Seeing and inventing new ways of doing things
H.   Quickly and powerfully reducing stress and anxiety
I.    All of the above!!!