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“I have worked on many PMI chapter events where we contract speakers to present on project leadership and team engagement topics. This past year I was fortunate to learn about Roger Haskett. This guy truly embodies engagement. His interactive presentations are very informative and fun to watch. Roger presented two keynote sessions at our Professional Development Day in October 2019. Here is a sample of the many survey comments we received from attendees:

  • ‘Roger is one of the best speakers I have ever seen!’

  • ‘Thanks for bringing him in. Great job!’

  • ‘Very engaging and interesting!’

  • ‘Extremely impressed. Great communicator!’

  • ‘One of the best PDD speakers I have ever seen!’

  • ‘Excellent speaker and relevant topics!’

  • Fantastic presentation!  One of the best I have heard in a long time.’

  • ‘By far, one of the best speakers I have seen.”’

  • ‘Roger was great! One of the most insightful presentations I have ever heard on human behavior.’

Roger is so good, in fact, that we invited him back to do a full-day workshop and two additional dinner keynote sessions in February 2020. If your organization is even the least bit interested in learning about team engagement and leadership, I highly recommend Roger Haskett to speak at your next event. I believe he is one of the very best in the industry.

Here is an impressive stat alert: A whopping 90% of people currently registered for the workshops in February saw Roger speak at the professional development day in October 2019 and REBOOKED to see Roger again.”

Jeff Kissinger, Western Michigan PMI Note: Please feel free to contact me directly if that would help: Email =  Cell = 616-706-4427


1.      1 custom marketing video from Roger for your specific audience.

2.      All speaking/workshop hours qualify for DPU’s (Professional Development Units).

3.      Social Media posts for your Chapter to maximize interest and enrollment.

4.      Resource Guides to help your members “Lock in the Learning”.

5.      Assistance to determine the correct fee to charge members and non-members so your Chapter not only recoups its investment, but makes money.


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Cynthia Au

Special Projects Director PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter Sept 14 2019 

“Mahalo Roger for spending time with us at this year’s PMI Honolulu’s Professional Development Day! “Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your speech. You made waking up the room and encouraging interaction with one another so early in the morning look easy! And I know that this is not an easy task.” - 

PMI Austin Symposium Delegate

“Roger's session was one of the best. He made the material fit the time available, had great examples/stories to help us remember and absorb the concepts, and he is a very talented presenter that always had the groups attention. My face hurt at the end from smiling so much, but it was worth it.”

Henry Watson


I loved that the event focused around internal (self!) relationships. We've done many events educating on different ways to interact with people, but have not spent time on internal topics like building confidence, engagement etc.”

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