A classic, on-trend, and interactive entertainment option full of mystery, intrigue, and huge laughs.  Our Murder Mysteries have been performed for thousands of audiences and are one of our most popular and engaging shows.  

We have created different formats to suit different clients and events and will help you determine which one suits your event best! 

Perfect for:

  • Post-dinner Interactive Entertainment,

  • Birthday Parties

  • House Parties

  • Networking/Social Events…




An immersive murder mystery experience where your guests become suspects to the crime!

While the murder mystery unfolds around you, your group works in teams under the guidance of our senior detectives (our professional actors) to grill the 6 suspects (from your group), examine the clues, work as a team to put together the clues, and solve the mystery to prove “whodunnit!”

This mystery absolutely requires team work to solve the crime. This is team-building-disguised-as-fun at its finest!

Murder Unlimited

A classic dinner theatre show where 4-6 professional actors play out a mystery around the guests.  

Enjoy dinner while professional actors, playing suspicious and hilarious characters mingle amongst your group.

You are encouraged to give ‘em the third degree, examine clues and match wits with the detective in order to piece together the puzzle; or just sit back and watch the evening’s fun unfold before you!


We will coordinate with your venue and AV staff to assist in staging and running the technical components of the show.

1. Green Room (change/waiting room) big enough for 8 people to change. This is where the suspects will change and be briefed on the mystery.

We bring the:
1. Costumes for Suspects and Actors
2. Junior Detective Kits
3. Clues
4. Engrossing, Hilarious & Challenging Mystery

5. Nail-Bitting Denouement
6. Amazing Improv Performers x 2

All that = An Amazing, Engaging Event for your group!

"Your Murder Mystery was a success, as all of the entertainment by your team has been. We will happily continue to use you for our Christmas parties and Family Feud was mentioned already as an option for 2024.

— Tylar Clare, Office Administrator, 

Brighter Mechanical

"Thank you so much for doing the Murder Mystery team building activity for us! It was a lot of fun! We all really enjoyed the show. Brian and John were very entertaining.
The costumes were hilarious and so realistic! I think the costumes were the star of the show.
Everyone was truly engaging in the activity and helped solve the crime!
Thank you so much for your constant support and communication
Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you in the future!"

— Karina Singh, Sales Coordinator,


"Our Murder Mystery was so much fun. Thank-you so much.  So many laughs🤣”

— Deja Driessen, 

Langley Rugby Club 

"We had such a blast with your Murder Mystery - thanks for making the night so memorable.

I'll take a look at the other engagement activities you put on!"

— Max Tims,  Co-founder & Head of Operations


What Else Do We Do?

"The roaming Wizard of Oz characters from Engagement Unlimited were the icing on the cake! The engagement with all the guests was TOP-NOTCH!" 

— Liza Kenny, Spotlight Events.

"You rock! We all love partnering with Engagement Unlimited. Your ideas, spirit and enthusiasm for what you do are unparalleled."
 — Jenn Burton, President, 

         Pacific Destination Services

"Loved every minute of Buddy Benches when I did this in BC!"

 Sabira Kassam,  Amazon 2024

"Your Murder U (we had 137 people) was a huge success and so many people enjoyed that they could mingle or get involved. Your actors were so great as well.
We have
rebooked our Christmas party for next year. Thanks

-Krista Christiuk, Marketing Manager, WestGen Group of Companies 2023

Engagement Unlimited has done 6 events for Visier in 2 years!

"The magician was a huge hit - Both the kids and the adults really enjoyed him and they were all raving about him afterwards amongst the group. Thank you again for such an entertaining afternoon and making it super enjoyable for everyone who attended. "

Kelly Phillipson, Visier 2023