Building Mud Pie Kitchens & Buddy Benches for Kids

A Heart-Warming & Hero Energy Generating CSR/Giveback/Volunteer Team Building Project

They Say

“This was definitely the best team building exercise I've done not just at Oracle, but in my 15 year sales career. It was fun, engaging, and everyone felt good afterward. It was a perfect blend of needing to concentrate on the work/teamwork and enjoying the experience. Creative and worthwhile.”

Opening Keynote "The Power of Play" + MudPie Kitchens & Buddy Benches

"The best professional development day I’ve had at Microsoft! The keynote (Pressure Cooker Confidence) and Building MudPie Kitchens for Kids was so successful, my boss wants to do it for the top executives in Seattle! Amazing! 

- Microsoft - Full Day Professional Development

- Henry Watson, Big Park, Microsoft 

a team poses in front of their buddy bench

Teams build Mud Pie Kitchens or Buddy Benches to be donated to daycares, pre-schools & schools in need.

Watch our MudPie Kitchens for Kids Video

  • Teams work in groups to win packages of materials and build outdoor play kitchens or buddy benches. These items are made from natural materials (Cedar) for daycares and elementary schools in areas where kids need the most support. 
  • The goal is to encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity while giving back to the community in a hugely impactful way.
  • Includes: Facilitators, event managers, and carpenters for team building components, set up/tear down of all materials, customization, and delivery to daycares/schools.
  • Everything that is needed we bring and remove!

They Say

Mudpie Kitchens for Kids

A Huge success - awesome team building event - staff talked about it for weeks after.

People who didn't work together connected for the 1st time. Incredible bonding experience.

Perfect to get to know our remote staff and have them feel part of the team.

Amazing for introverts! it was a perfect no stress way of interacting with others.
The actual building of the Mud Pie Kitchens gave you something to focus on which really allowed casual conversations.
So much better than just standing around and talking. It removed all that social pressure by giving us a task to focus on which allowed for real conversations to occur.
Everyone absolutely loved it

Janice Harrington, Director, TSXV Listings 

"The kitchen build went phenomenally well! Our group was so happy and had a wonderful time.

Roger was a sheer delight as was the entire crew. I’ve let Mackenzie know how glad we were to partner with you and that I highly recommend Engagement Unlimited and the mudpie kitchen build for future giveback events!" 

- Sarah Meyers, Equinix

Mud Pie Kitchen Benefits for Children:

We found that children had quality outdoor play experiences and enriched developmental opportunities in environments that had the following characteristics: all of which are created when kids play with Mud Pie Kitchens

They provide elements for children to manipulate and make their own like water, leaves, utensils & bowls  

Children Interact with living things like wood, leaves & plants

They are usable in variety of weather ✅✅✅

They allow the child’s imagination to shape the play experience ✅✅✅

They are designed to the scale of the child ✅✅✅

& they provide areas for children to play alone or in groups. ✅✅✅

When children play with Mud Pie Kitchens they utilize fine motor skills, outdoor play with natural materials that the children can manipulate and make their own, and most importantly, they provide solo or group



Buddy Bench Benefits for Children

Buddy benches have become popular for schools because they offer valuable benefits to students. A buddy bench on the playground can help:

Combat Isolation

A primary goal of a buddy bench is to help kids avoid feeling lonely and isolated at school.

Encourage Empathy

Lonely or shy students aren’t the only ones who benefit from a buddy bench. Other children have the responsibility of reaching out to students sitting on the bench. This nudge to play a proactive role in helping their classmates feel welcome and secure can encourage students to develop a better sense of empathy for their peers

Foster Community

A buddy bench can help 

your school create a deeper

sense of community among

 students, create new

friendships, and help

combat bullying.


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“Mud Pie Kitchens was a BIG hit with our group. Everyone loved the team building aspect, and the give-back of donating the completed kitchens to the YMCA was really uplifting. Thanks for such a great event, and we will certainly be back for more engagement!”

— Vanessa Lah, 

Customer Relationship Manager, Agilyx Group

“Thanks so much! The Mud Pie Kitchens team building event was a HUGE success! I heard so many positive comments from people about how much they enjoyed it. One person said, ‘this is the best staff team building event that we’ve ever had – it really felt like we were doing something positive together and working together as a team’. We’ll be sure to recommend this to other departments here at the JIBC.”

— Leanne Ross, JIBC,

 Justice Institute of British Columbia

“THANK YOU very much for all that you did to make our sales rally such a success! The team building event Building MudPie Kitchens was incredible , I have had so much great feedback about how fun it was, and how much they loved the fact that we were “giving back”. We truly do appreciate you working with us to make that happen!”

Helen Pratt, 

Director, Sales and Marketing - Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Pacific Northwest

On behalf of all of our before/after school care sites at NSNH (9) I would like to send a huge thank you for the building and donating of the 7 buddy benches. The buddy benches will be used by over 225 children daily. The buddy benches are so much more than furniture. They promote positive play, kindness and support. The children and staff feel so fortunate to receive these. Thank you, thank you.”

— Lisa Hubbard, Executive Director, North Shore Neighbourhood House

2nd time at Best Buy!

"Thanks again for coming to Best Buy yesterday – the team had an amazing time building buddy benches! Any chance you’d be able to send over the photos that you took, today? We’d love to share it in our employee newsletter.Thanks!"

Jen Knight, Event Planner/Social     Best Buy 2024 

“Thank you - everyone loved it!!!!!
The Buddy Benches were the best Volunteer/Giveback event we’ve ever had!”
— Yvonne Clarke, Amazon Web Services

"Loved every minute of Buddy Benches when I did this in BC!"

Sabira Kassam,   Amazon

Name That Tune needs to be a weekly Friday social function we’ve decided ❤️❤️❤️

— Participant, 
Kingsgate Mall 50th  Anniversary Celebration