for Principals, Administrators, Teachers and Students

From: Scott Jonathan Barnes, Principal
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School (SD49)

"Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School recently welcomed guest-speaker Roger Haskett (Engagement Unlimited) for a two-presentation series for our staff.

"Not only were the presentations engaging and powerful, both in terms of our teaching practice and personal wellness, but it has already triggered important conversations within the building.

"By demonstrating the objective power of engagement as a multiplier for output (learning), our staff has been more willing to set aside time to discuss student-engagement both as an end and a means to more impactful learning.

"My staff praised Roger’s energy, insight, and mastery of his subject-area. With his background as a teacher, I felt (going in) and saw (in follow up) the value in having a trained educator speak to my staff about topics not generally associated with traditional teaching.

"I strongly recommend that all administrators and department-leaders review the offerings at Engagement Unlimited!"

Watch this Education Welcome video
from Roger

and a short video
on phones...

Engagement is more important than ever for Principals, Administrators, Teachers and Students, but it’s harder than ever in the Virtual/Digital world.

“Thank you so much for your time and energy today – it was a great virtual session! As you predicted, we could have used a lot more time together. I would love to have you back and dedicate a session on the Power of Positive.”

Are You Facing These Challenges?

1. "Teachers are overwhelmed": Engagement is a multiplier. A little engagement produces a multiplier effect and helps resolve many other issues like change management, communication, wellness and resilience.

2. "Staff/teachers are not engaged": Learning about the magical effects of engagement, internal power and play creates engagement in your schools, classrooms, & staff rooms.

3. "Staff are not cooperative/hostile energy seeps into our staff interactions/staff are suspicious of admin": The Age of Engage (AOE) and The Power of Play (POP) will make big inroads with these issues. In fact, we excel at unifying disparate groups that have hostile histories by identifying shared values.

4. "Stress is ever present these days in classrooms and staff rooms": Pressure Cooker Confidence (PCC) teaches techniques to see stress in a different light and to keep on the good side of stress.

5. "Student success is our priority": PCC offers a unique and powerful way of giving students more power in moments they feel powerless. POP teaches how play can be a powerful way of overcoming life challenges. AOE teaches how to create engagement in the areas that matter most to them. Both POP and PCC are ideal for developing potent life skills that help students grow into the person they want to be.

6. "Our school/district is small and the cost will be prohibitive": We can set up a multiple touchpoint program (over weeks or the year) for a very reasonable cost since there is no travel, and we offer REDUCED rates for schools.

7. "Our situation is very difficult and has not improved with other presentations or workshops, so why will yours be any different": Our track record/testimonials speak for themselves. We DO make a difference and would love to help your school/district reach beyond your current challenges to find a way forward that improves the lives of your staff, teachers and students.

Meet our Education Expert...

Hi! I’m Roger Haskett. I am an engagement expert with a unique background in education:

>> MA Education, Curriculum and Instruction
>> BA History
>> BFA Acting (Acted in over 150 TV shows, commercials)

I believe in active participation, interactive engagement and increasing the power of the people in the room (or online). I make my sessions lively, entertaining, and full of applicable content that energizes and empowers the people in the session.

These sessions are valuable, powerful, playful and potent and leave the participants full of energy and ideas to tackle the biggest challenges they face.
We use play, surprise, movement, energy and excitement to create deeper engagement which creates stronger results for your staff and students.

Every session speaks not only to professional concerns (at school, in the classroom, in the staff room) but also personally (at home, with colleagues, with friends).
We are proud that we consistently receive feedback like this:

"I've worked in this district for 30 years and gone to every day of training and education and I have never experienced anything like what we did with Roger. It was helpful not just professionally but personally as well. Amazing."

"I've been coming to these education days for 18 years, nothing has come close to what we did today with Roger Haskett"


“Teaching nurturing non-cognitive, emotional skills are considered to provide
the greatest returns on educational investments.”

We cater/customize to target audiences - students, teachers, administrators.

AOE = The Age of Engage: How to Create Engagement

Results in schools, classrooms & staff rooms improve when engagement is a focus.

  • This session looks at what engagement is, why we want it, and how to CREATE engagement in your schools, classrooms, staff rooms and in your personal life.
  • Turbocharge outcomes like: increased learning and retention, better communication, increased productivity and stronger bonds between staff and admin, between teachers and students and between teachers.
  • Key take away: a little focus on engagement produces a multiplier effect of benefits to schools, students, teachers and admin.

POP = The Power of Play

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.

  • The more play becomes a daily part of your classrooms and schools, the more benefits accrue to students, teachers and staff.
  • Play is transformational and revolutionary and creates power.
  • Key take away: a playful mindset in your classrooms, schools and in your personal life increases wellness and improves the learning (and teaching) experience.

PCC = Pressure Cooker Confidence

Learning to creating internal power has vast beneficial repercussions for students, teachers and schools.

  • Using techniques honed from decades of acting, combined with new science about how to best be human and a dash of current engagement strategies, Pressure Cooker Confidence, explores how to create internal power in moments where humans typically feel powerless.
  • Understand the science behind how your brain works while under extreme stress and gain tips and tricks to overcome fear, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • Key take-away: Learn to be a bigger, better, more powerful version of yourself while under stress.

Estella Zhao

Mini-Enterprise, UBC

“Your keynote was very inspiring and motivational — students were talking about it and referencing it even at the end of the conference. We were extremely happy to have you there!” 

David de Wit

WJ Mouat Secondary School, Abbotsford School District

All feedback extremely positive! Higher participation and engagement from staff than expected! Only negative is that we wanted more time with Roger to work on these concepts.”

Rummie Riddel

Langara College

"Hi Roger, Thank you for the great session."

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