The Engagement MAXimizer
Virtual Checklist

Incorporate these 9 (must-do) strategies and techniques to MAXimize Engagement at your next meeting, event, summit or conference… 

  • Keynotes >> Engaging and electrifying
  • Emcees >> Professional, playful, innovative emcees to ignite inspire and entertain 
  • Team Building >> more engagement, creative fun, improved connections, better relationships, stronger bottom line and
    greater productivity 
  • Pre-event videos >> to increase engagement, signups, and member participation and set the stage so that the event
    starts with positive, interactive engagement
  • Educate >> participants in advance to reduce/eliminate house-keeping duties at the start of the event
  • Mini engagement sections >> throughout the event create engagement sections (Pub Trivia, Blind Karaoke,
    Family Feud, Name That Tune, Dance Breaks) to increase engagement, keep participants active and involved
  • Maximize engagement >> utilize comment wall, chat box, hive mind elements, prizes, quizzes and contests
  • TV Energy >> using reports and trailers
  • Breakout Rooms >> create a place of reflection, education & discussion

Need help creating a Virtual Engagement road-map for success? Call the experts at Engagement Unlimited. We have professionals who use engagement strategies & techniques designed to multiply, magnify & MAXimize engagement at your event.

It's not rocket science BUT it is Engagement Science!!

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"Let me offer a HUGE Thank-YOU for everything you did and brought to the Abbott NSM.
Postings on the blog wall were amazing and there were lots of enthusiastic comments about you! Your energy was off the charts and helped raise the game for several presenters. Well done!
On a personal note, you were awesome to work with and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!"

Colleen Bentley
Senior Event Producer/ Project Manager
Mystic Productions

"Roger did a great job supporting us for the NSM
Roger is intuitive and listens to the conversation and comes across natural on the screen, so it doesn’t look canned. He can tap dance when needed and adds value to the conversation which is really important
Other actors work off of script and don’t necessarily add the value to the conversation or make suggestions….they are just the actor. That is the difference that Roger brings to the table. He makes it easy for us to work with him."

Amanda Stewart
President, Eventive Marketing Inc.

"Here to Help You Engage: Digital + Live + Hybrid"

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