A Leg UP!

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Pressure Cooker Confidence Workshop

A Leg UP!

One of my greatest joys in life is making a difference in people’s lives. So that they live better, more meaningful, more potent lives. Rarely do I get this chance to make a difference as clearly, as powerfully, as when I’m working with a group on ‘A Leg UP/ the Me YOU Want to Be.’

A Leg UP develops:

  • presentation and speaking skills
  • confidence
  • and stress management skills.

It helps you become a bigger, better, more POWERFUL version of yourself. It teaches you how to ‘rise to the occasion’ even when that feels like an impossibility.

By exploring new, powerful, rules for life, the class directs participants into behaviors that guide them more easily, more directly, to the me they want to be.

We focus on creating internal power by a combination of engaging and interactive sessions that focus on each participant working on these skills each class. Participants will be up on their feet working on controlling their brain and body before, during, and after walking into stressful situations.

This program changes people’s lives by disrupting the way you think about confidence, stress, internal power and who you want to be. And exploring new, powerful, rules for life, helps direct participants into behaviors that guide them more easily, more directly, to 'the me they want to be'.

I teach this program so that the participants can’t wait for the next class. It’s engaging, fun, mind blowing and life-changing.

This work is immensely important for getting A Leg UP:

  • For Young Adults entering the workforce and adult lives. It gives them a Leg UP on some of the most important elements of real success: creating their own internal power, communicating well with others, creating positive energy and a healthier relationship with stress, adapting to change…
  • It's essential for Managers and Leaders to manage their internal worlds and create internal power that makes their jobs easier, more enjoyable, and far less stressful.
  • For the Executive Suite who are constantly being asked to rise to the occasion in a variety of different ways, and further improve your presentation and speaking skills.

“I'm seeing positive changes in my team. Your work is changing lives. Thank you!”

“We have used 'the me you want to be' and it has led to our
BEST discussions of
all time as a team"
- Mark deMedeiros First West Credit Union

“I found that your lessons and notes really help, in fact they help so much the interviewers commented on my positive energy and personality! Thank you so much for teaching me! I'm excited to use more of your lessons in other places in my life!”

“Already seeing the lessons pay off!”

"Lorraine Peña here from Bosa Development. I attended the conference last weekend at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. I just wanted to let you know that this event was LIFE CHANGING for me :blush:. Thank you for doing what you do!!!"
- Lorraine Peña, Bosa Development

"Roger is so good, in fact, that we invited him back to do a full-day workshop and two additional dinner keynote sessions in February 2020. If your organization is even the least bit interested in learning about team engagement and leadership, I highly recommend Roger Haskett to speak at your next event. I believe he is one of the very best in the industry.”

Jeff Kissinger
Western Michigan PMI

"Roger Haskett, from one SITE member to another:  you are amazing!   I always love your energetic personality with sometimes quirky views that make me think or have an AHA moment.  Yes, I agree, people should hire you!"

Cokkie Eaker
Next Generation Incentives